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What Are We Having For Dinner Tonight?

September 2nd, 2011

How many times have you heard that one before, or how many times have you said that before?

Weather we like it or not, or whether we want to admit it or not, food is a huge part of our everyday lives. The people around us and the atmosphere that we live in, will have a very direct effect on what we eat.

I think this goes why back to our ancestors, but because of the space allowed me here in this blog, I will just go back as far as grandma.

Did you used to go to grandma’s house when you were a kid, visit the family, see the aunts and uncles, cousins, and….eat? Yes you ate food and you ate lots of it because, that was the one thing grandma lived for, to see her whole family at her house, happy, talking, laughing, and …yes eating.

I can still remember those days. They were good times with lots of grandma’s home cooked Polish food.

kielbasa, kuposta, and some pierogis. Good Polish food.

My ancestors were from Poland, and like most people, we got around together and we ate. Kielbasa, ham, pierogi, stuffed cabbage, and not to mention the deserts, they were all so good, but the one thing they had in common…they were full of fat, calories, and other stuff that was not good for you.

Food is a gathering point for most Americans today. Before we finish one meal we are already trying to decide what we are going to eat for the next.

There is a difference between how we eat and what we eat today, and that has a lot to do with our very busy schedules. When we went to grandma’s house, we had all day and most of the evening to eat all that food. There was always time for a cup of coffee and another slice of homemade pie, before we hit the road for that long drive home.

Today we don’t have all that much time, so we go to places that can prepare our food fast and cheap…that’s where we get the name fast food. The one thing about fast food is that it’s made cheaply and to be eaten fast, so there is not a lot of thought put in about nutrition or healthy food.

Good old American favorite, cheeseburger

Is it any wonder why 80% of all Americans are obese? Is it any wonder why our children are going into grade school over weight and out of shape?

I hear about, and I have participated in some different kinds of weight loss movements in the past, but as most of us have done, I’ve failed. I think the reason why we’ve failed in this so badly, is because we don’t realize how much of an emotional attachment we have to food.

I just mentioned one, with our trips to grandma’s house, but I know that there are hundreds of others that we could share.

My wife was raised in a verbally abusive home, and part of the reward she would get after being pelted with a barrage of very hurtful words, was food. Some sort of treat or guilt offering was given to her and to this day, when she gets upset over certain things, she will eat. Those same emotions, when stirred today, will draw out the very same responses that they did so many years ago.

We need to change all that. I don’t mean to change our emotional attachment to our food, I don’t think we will ever be able to do that, but we can train ourselves on what kinds of foods we are attached too.

Instead of running to the chocolate peanut butter ice cream, (my personal favorite),  when I get upset, try eating an orange, or some other type of food that you like. Make it a pleasurable food, not something that you don’t like but that’s good for you.

Next, work on those emotional triggers that get your chocolate ice cream emotions flowing. 90% of who we are comes from the environment that we are in. Change your environment if you can, and your eating habits will follow.

Now I’m not saying run out and get divorced because you can’t stand your husband, or sell your kids because they are driving you nuts, but get plugged into people and friends that lift you up. Laugh together, get out and join a bowling league, or golf club, play racket ball, do something physical that will get your blood moving. It’s a great way to relieve stress.

Stay strong and don’t get caught up into putting bad things into your mouth. Learn and practice to eat good food, and don’t use food as a stress reliever. Learn to use exercise, and some sort of physical activity, to do that.

Don’t forget to exercise your mind. With the advent of internet and computer games, we have become coach potatoes. Our kids can brag about how far they went on a certain computer game, but they can’t pick up a book and read a sentence without stumbling on a word.

Read and exercise your mind. Books can take you into a totally different world, and you can be someone or do something very special that you always dreamed about. Reading expands your mind and your horizons, and when you come back to earth, you will be better able to handle that stress that leads you to using food in a very unnatural way.

You see, food is given to us so that we can live, not the other way around.

Well, I have to go now. I smell something coming from the kitchen. I wonder what we are having for dinner tonight?

To Eat The Chocolate Cake or Not To Eat The Chocolate Cake – That is The Question

August 1st, 2011

My wife is a cake decorator, and I’ve watched her do her magic with cakes over the years. There are left overs and scraps that she has from her cakes that I, my grand kids and whoever else is around, get to eat. Sometimes she will even make some cup cakes or another cake for us, with the extra batter that she has left.

When you live in this kind of environment, it’s very easy to put on some extra pounds. After all, somebody needs to taste test all these cakes.

My wife and I have joined the thousands of other people that are taking the 90 day health challenge. Not a diet, but a challenge to completely change the way we look at food, eating, and weight loss. We started on July 24, 2011, and I’ve lost 4 pounds already.

I’m starting an exercise regiment and I’m being very careful at what I put into my mouth. I look at labels now and read what I’m eating and buying. How much sugar does it have, or how many calories am I going to be taking in?

When I think of all those times I would just eat something because of the way it looked and tasted, and never ounce giving a thought as to it’s nutritional value or, how bad that was to my body, and how many years I was taking away from my life, it was scary.

A real test came to me the other day as I saw a chocolate cake, that my wife had made, sitting in the fridge. It was a small tiny cake and I asked her if she needed it for someone, and she said that she did not. All I had to do is get the chocolate frosting out and frost the cake and than I could have a piece of chocolate cake. I’ve done it before, but this time was different.

To eat the chocolate cake or not to eat the chocolate cake - that is the question.

To eat the chocolate cake or not to eat the chocolate cake, that is the question. To have all that sugar and calories clogging up my arteries, and than to have it change into fat and put those four pounds back on, and than some, that I had already worked so hard to take off…why would I want to do that? I was faced with a decision.

No! I want you to know that I did have the will power to say no to that chocolate cake, and I didn’t frost it or eat it, and I felt very good about the choice that I had just made.

You see ladies and gentleman, this is where challenges are won and lost. This is where victory or defeat comes from. It’s a series of small little victories, like this , that will lead us to the end goal that we wish to achieve. It’s the culmination of all these small victories that will add up to the new healthy lifestyle, that is my goal, which will give me the new slim and trim body that I’ve always wanted.

Had I eaten that chocolate cake, would my quest have been over? Absolutely not. It would have been a minor set back, but you get up and get back in the batters box. You don’t quit, and the war is not over.

This is where your team comes in to encourage you, and pick you back up. It’s why I love taking the 90 day health challenge with other people. We are doing it together as a team and we are helping each other to achieve our goals. Never ride alone, it’s always better to go with someone.

If you would be interested in taking your 90 day challenge, we would love to have you on our team. We’ll do it together, and you won’t be alone.

So when you feel like eating that piece of chocolate cake, think about your challenge, your goals, and think about your team. Were all in it together.