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Can Your Business Grow With a Disappearing Auto-Ship? – It Can Grow To Heights You Would Not Believe

July 15th, 2011

If you are a network marketer and you have a network marketing business, you know the importance of auto-ship.

Auto-ship is the monthly purchase of your products that you and your distributors must be on to maintain your activity in your business and it keeps you open to receive the full benefits from your companies compensation plan.

Everyone knows this, but what if you stopped your auto-ship? What would happen to your checks and your money flow? What would happen to your down-line? This would not be a very good picture…right? Wrong!

What if I showed you a company where you would thrive without an auto-ship? Can your business grow with a disappearing auto-ship? It can grow to heights you would not believe, at least it could in Visalus.

Your business can grow to heights you would not believe

The simplest way to explain how this works is, if you get three people to join you in the same products, or better, than you receive yours absolutely free. That’s it! Your auto-ship is now free.

Visalus is offering the 90 Day Challenge. The 90 Day Challenge is a weight loss challenge and getting you back on the road to health and wellness. Getting America back to health and wellness is a priority for Visalus.

80% of all Americans are over weight, and almost 500 million people are considered obese, and if that’s not enough for you, over 22 million children under the age of five are considered obese. Our children are growing up fat and over weight, and this leads to other deceases and depression, which leads to a maze of problems.

Is it any wonder why the suicide rate in our young people continues to rise year after year. It’s time we all wake up to this growing epidemic and put a stop to it right now!

So I can get on a system where I will start losing weight, and get back to a healthy lifestyle, and If I help three other people to do the same thing, my products are free. Lose weight, get healthy, help others, and it’s free? The disappearing auto-ship, and the reason people jump off your organization, is now gone!

I hate this word, but I’m going to say it anyway…dah…no brainer!

But wait a minute, here comes the really good part… if I lose the weight and my friends lose the weight, do you think that they just might be a little bit excited? Do you think that they will want to stay on and maybe even do the business side of Visalus. I mean if I can do this and help others do this, why not get paid for it as well and help others to also?

Maybe that’s why Visalus is a rapidly growing company with a 1000 people joining in the 90 Day Challenge every week.

Did I mention the BMW program that they have? Yes you can qualify your way to the BMW club. Think that just might be out of your reach? Think again, because every week ten people qualify for a new BMW. That is phenomenal!

There is another company that I’m involved with, and they also have a BMW qualification program, only thing is, only two people have qualified for a BMW with them. Two in two years, and Visalus has about ten people every week.

Despite all these incredible positives about getting involved with Visalus;

  1. Lose weight
  2. Make Money (and a BMW)
  3. Help Others Do The Same

But one of the biggest is…how many people do you know that just might want to shed a few pounds or maybe even a lot of pounds? How many people do you know that want to start eating better and get on the road to health and vitality? Just about everyone you meet, right?

How many times are you in a conversation with someone and the topic of weight loss, or gain, exercise or gym, eating better or getting fit, doesn’t come up in the conversation? I know…a lot.

This is not a hard topic or a hard product to market. It just comes naturally.

Try it yourself. Get on the 90 Day Challenge. Get your spouse to join you and get three friends to climb on board with you and your product will be free, but you will also have the accountability and support of a group of friends. This is so important and the success of your challenge will be that much more attainable, because of the support you have. Don’t forget your Visalus team support too.